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Fresh: Cooked On Site.

Full time cooks prepare wholesome and nutritious hot meals and snacks.
Organic Chicken and Beef supplied through: Yorkshire Farms and Beretta Family Farms
Fresh fruits and vegetables delivery weekly from Ontario Food Terminal
Non-GMO vegetables used in all meals
No Chicken Nuggets, No Pizza, No Hot Dogs, No Hamburgers

Our Suppliers:

BBQ & Fundraising For SickKids

To all of our friends and family here at Lullaboo: it’s that time of year again!

For the fifth straight year, Lullaboo is running a BBQ season, to help support SickKids! This year, we are again asking all of our partners, vendors, friends and co-workers to take part in our campaign. We pledge 100% of all registration fees collected from parents during May to the SickKids Foundation.

Our 2018 goal is $25,000. Please help us make this dream a reality, helping us support the children at SickKids in their journey to healthiness.


Extracurricular Activities

Extended learning and activities at no extra cost.

Learning a second language allows children to:

  • Develop their brain capacity
  • Have better communication skills
  • Be better prepared for school
  • Build their confidence & team building skills

Healthy habits learned early will last a lifetime & involve children in:

  • Gross motor movements to increase range of motion, flexibility, co-ordination, & hand-eye movements
  • Fine motor movements to increase dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination & building their tiny muscles
  • Activities that build their confidence & increases team building skills
Little Newtons

Explore science and gain an understanding of math to enhance cognition but is fun too! By participating in our Little Newtons program children will:

  • Learn how things work
  • Be better prepared for school
  • Gain confidence & increase their team building skills

Daily iCare Report

iCare has been custom designed by Lullaboo to benefit both parents and staff members. This software allows parents to receive accurate and detailed information regarding their child’s day at Lullaboo. iCare provides parents with information on daily routines, such as; diaper changes, details about what and how your child ate, sleep times, activities conducted throughout the day, pictures and if anything is needed to be brought in the next day.

iCare also allows for our educators to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements (Ministry of Education, Regional Health, etc..). One single record is used to communicate with you, the parent and maintain compliance, ultimately providing more time for the teacher to spend with the children and allowing them to be completely paperless and environmentally friendly.

Our Facilities

All Lullaboo centers are designed from the ground up.
Custom built for the perfect environment for your child.
Safety & Security
  • Electronic access given to parents only.
  • Security cameras on premises.
  • 24/7 connection to Security Monitoring Station.
Build for Children
  • Our newest centers do not use stepping stools, reducing the risk of tripping.
  • Sinks, soap dispensers and towel dispensers are at a toddlers level.
Spacious Playgrounds
  • Spacious outdoor playgrounds with separate sections for different age groups
  • Soft padded artificial turf throughout, no hard surfaces
  • Play structures and climbing equipment at every location for children enjoyment
  • Every center has a full time maintenance staff to ensure the center is kept clean.
  • Consistent disinfecting.
  • Reduced spread of germs and chance of illness.

What They Say About Us

"This is the first daycare that my daughter has attended. It only took a couple days for her to totally adjust to spending her days here! It amazes me how much she learns on a daily basis, from her ABC's to new songs to even counting in French.

The facility is always clean, staff is always friendly, and she is fed nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks every day. What I love the most is receiving a daily report of her day in my inbox.

It breaks down everything she ate (how well she ate), how long she napped, how many times she went potty, and her favourite activities of the day. It's like I never miss a beat."

sonyanajm Brampton

My husband and I consider ourselves blessed to have found a place like this where we Could leave our most precious possesions with comfort and reassurance. I'm not really sure where to begin because there are so many wonderful things to mention. The food looks nutritious and fresh every day and they have no problem giving my children second helpings which makes me feel good that they are not depriving them.

We get daily reports via email of their activities of the day , how long they slept number of diaper changes etc . This is reassuring to me as a new mom that my child is stimulated and well taken care of. If the weather isn't satisfactory they accommodate the children with indoor activities. They also put up with anxiety ridden new moms with a million little requests for their children! The day care is safe and secure and the staff is top notch.

They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders day in and day out caring for people's young children , and these people do it to the best of their ability knowing they are caring for an other persons child. The hardest thing I ever had to do was leave my babies in the care of complete strangers but LULLABOO helped make it a whole lot easier.

Connie Theos Mississauga

My daughter recently started the pre-shool program at Lullaboo. The ECEs and assistants in her room have made it easy for her to transition and now she loves going to the daycare everyday. I could tell my daughter is happy and being looked after well there, which puts my mind at ease (specially since my daughter spends over 10 hours a day there). The facility has just gone through a facelift and everything is renovated and brand new. We like this daycare :)

Sara Hessabi Richmond Hill

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