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Fresh: Cooked On Site.

Full-time chefs prepare wholesome and nutritious hot meals and snacks.

At all of our centres, we offer fresh meals cooked on site every single day. We take pride in using organic meats and the freshest fruits and vegetables we can find. We also fully accommodate to children with dietary restrictions and allergies by providing nutritious substitutes. All of our recipes rotate on a 4 week basis; every week we keep a variety of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables in rotation ensuring our children are well fed and happy.

Please feel free to contact us about our nutrition goals should you have any questions!

  • Organic Chicken and Beef supplied through: Yorkshire Farms and Beretta Family Farms
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables delivery weekly from Ontario Food Terminal
  • Non-GMO vegetables used in all meals
  • No Chicken Nuggets, No Pizza, No Hot Dogs, No Hamburgers


Click here to download our Food Menu!

Our Suppliers