Preschool Program at Lullaboo

30 months to Preschool

Embark on an educational adventure with our Preschool Program at Lullaboo, where every child is encouraged to blossom into a confident, independent learner. Join us in creating a foundation for lifelong curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning in a warm and nurturing environment.

Little Scholars: Cultivating Curiosity

In our Preschool Program, we maintain a nurturing teacher-to-child ratio of one teacher for every eight children, ensuring that each child receives individualized attention and care. The program is designed to accommodate a maximum of 24 children with three teachers or 16 children with two teachers, creating an environment conducive to close-knit relationships.

We believe in fostering small, intimate groupings with a primary caregiver, creating a secure foundation for children to explore the world around them. Each child is celebrated as an individual and is encouraged, from an early age, to embrace responsibility, independence, and problem-solving skills.

Preschool educator with children in a daycare

Creative Discoveries, Bright Futures

Our Preschool Program emphasizes a dynamic blend of both large and small group activities, encompassing dramatic play, arts and crafts, sensory experiences, small and large motor activities, outdoor play, and exciting field trips. We understand the importance of variety in activities to engage young minds and promote holistic development.

Our dedicated teachers collaborate to create a curriculum that addresses the child’s entire development, preparing them for a seamless transition into the school system. The educational and fun programming is designed to keep children’s interests engaged, with lesson plans readily available for parents to review on bulletin boards in each classroom.

Preschool educator in a daycare with raising hands children

Join us in the enriching journey of our Preschool Program at Lullaboo, where education, creativity, and the joy of learning come together to shape confident, inquisitive, and well-rounded young minds.

Watch our Gliding into Lullaboo video about Preschool Transitions