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How We Give Back to the Community

For the past 10 years, Lullaboo has been committed to giving back to the community in various ways. Whether it’s giving back to local shelters with food drives and toy drives, or hosting fundraisers in support of Sick Kids Foundation, Lullaboo regularly donates time, effort and funds to support charities that Lullaboo holds close to the heart.

As a business that circulates around children, we love to donate to foundations like Sick Kids, or local children’s shelters because we care for the children and families in our community, and love to help improve the children’s lives in our community in any way we can. Throughout each school year, we are always finding ways to donate to local charities by hosting events and donating all proceeds to a local charity. We host fundraising events during special times of the year such as the Christmas season, and we also host annual barbecues at each of our campuses with proceeds going to the Sick Kids Foundation. In addition, we often offer services to our Lullaboo children and families, and donate any proceeds made from these services to charity.

Some of the most common questions asked during a parent’s first visit:

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We Care About Your Suggestions and Concerns

At Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Centre we believe that complaint resolution is important, and it is incumbent upon us to respond to complaints promptly, accurately and with the utmost courtesy. We will provide our families with accessible means with which to communicate their complaint, and will employ our best efforts to respond and resolve where possible. All complaints and personal information collected, whether written or oral, must be handled in a timely, professional and confidential manner. Our families are entitled to no less.

Help improve your child’s experience at Lullaboo with your suggestions and concerns.


Your feedback will mean a great deal to your child. Every suggestion made helps us to improve the experience of every child at Lullaboo.