Infant Program at Lullaboo

6 weeks up to 18 months

Embark on a journey of big discoveries with our specialized Infant Program at Lullaboo. From the gentle embrace of our caring environment to the joyous exploration of early milestones, your little one’s growth unfolds in a world of love, curiosity, and delightful surprises.

Gentle Steps, Big Discoveries

In our Infant Program, we maintain an intimate teacher-to-child ratio of one dedicated teacher for every three infants, ensuring personalized care and attention. With a maximum capacity of 10 children and three caring teachers, our commitment is to provide a nurturing environment throughout the entire day.

Our Infant Program welcomes little ones from as early as six weeks old up to 18 months. Specifically designed to mirror the warmth and security of a home environment, this program ensures a seamless transition from home to our center. Collaboration with parents is key, as our teachers work closely to align with each infant’s unique schedule, including nap times, play sessions, and feeding times.

Infant daycare educator high five with an infant child

Nurturing Beginnings, Endless Curiosity

The heart of our Infant Program lies in the loving and nurturing atmosphere we cultivate. Here, infants begin to develop a sense of trust, autonomy, curiosity, and a foundation for future learning. Our carefully selected array of toys, games, stuffed animals, pull and push equipment, and music provides a stimulating environment where infants can grasp new ideas, discover language, and take those precious first steps toward independence.

At Lullaboo, we understand that transitions into childcare are significant moments for both children and parents. While we follow a suggested transition schedule for most infants, we recognize that each child is unique. Transition periods may vary based on your child’s temperament and disposition. Our dedicated supervisors and teachers collaborate closely with you and your family, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition that meets your child’s individual needs.

Infant daycare educator high five with an infant child

Discover the joyous journey of growth and development as your infant becomes a cherished part of our Lullaboo family.

Watch our Gliding into Lullaboo video about Infant Transitions