Preschool Program

The ratio in the preschool program is one teacher for every eight children, with a maximum of 24 children and three teachers or 16 children and two teachers.

We believe children should be in small intimate groupings with a primary caregiver, where they can build trusting relationships in order to feel secure enough to explore the world around them. Each child is valued as an individual and is encouraged at the earliest age to become a responsible, independent, productive, problem solving person.

We encourage all children in our preschool program to participate in both large and small group activities.  These include dramatic play, arts and crafts, sensory experiences, small and large motor activities, outdoor play and special field trips.

Our teachers strive to provide a curriculum that focuses on the child’s entire development, and help prepare them for entry into the school system. The teachers work together to facilitate programming that is educational, fun and keeps the children’s interests engaged. Lesson plans are available for parents to review on bulletin boards in each classroom.