Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care

Lullaboo is proud to participate in the Canada Wide Early Learning and Childcare (CWELCC) program, a joint initiative by the Provincial and Federal governments aimed at making licensed childcare more affordable and accessible for families across Canada.

Infant to Preschool daycare. Image of a child reading a story

What is CWELCC ?

The CWELCC program was announced on March 28, 2022, with a goal to reduce childcare fees to an average of $10 a day per child by 2025. This initiative aims to lower childcare fees, improve educator wages, and increase access to quality childcare programs. As part of the program, funding is provided to childcare operators to discount their fees, making childcare more affordable for families.

How does CWELCC work at Lullaboo?

At Lullaboo, the CWELCC program has resulted in a 52.75% reduction in tuition fees for children under 5 years of age, including those in Junior and Senior Preschool programs. Despite this reduction, our commitment to providing high-quality care and fostering a love of learning remains unwavering.

Participating in the CWELCC program allows us to make quality childcare more affordable for families while maintaining our standards of excellence in early childhood education. We are excited to continue providing exceptional care and learning experiences for children at Lullaboo.

Securing a Spot for Your Child

Due to the anticipated high demand resulting from the CWELCC program, we recommend securing a spot for your child at our centres as soon as possible. While we strive to accommodate all interested families, the program’s popularity may exceed our capacity.