Anxious? Worried? Guilty? That just means you care and have your child’s best interest at heart. We are aware parents often have many questions about childcare. We are always here to fully address your questions and discuss anything that can help make the transition smoother for you and your family. Please feel free to call, email or talk in person at any time of the day. Here are some of the most common questions asked during a parent’s first visit:

Q. How do I transition my child into Lullaboo?

A. Lullaboo recognizes that all children have specific needs and different schedules. As children are incorporated into the Lullaboo family, all necessary and reasonable measures will be taken to ensure a smooth and pleasant transition experience for the children and for the parents.

Q. How much time do children have outdoors daily?

A. Each classroom is allotted at least 2 hours of outdoor play per day. We have oversized outdoor playgrounds which are separated into different sections by age group. Each playground is equipped with a different variety of interactive equipment to promote physical activity and gross motor development.

Q. What is Lullaboo’s policy on disciplining children?

A. At Lullaboo we believe that we can help children with self-control, self-esteem and positive behavior by providing enriched programs, a safe environment, interactive materials and positive role models in each of our classrooms. We do not condone timeouts or the raising of voices in our classrooms. Teachers discipline children by bringing themselves to the level of the child and speak to them in a calm voice about their behaviour and actions, the teacher then positively redirect the child to another activity. Please see Lullaboo’s Parent Handbook for our full policies.

Q. What types of food are the children served?

A. At Lullaboo our menu is designed with kids at heart. Health Canada’s document “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide” is the basis of nutrition in our menu. Our menus are rotated on a four week cycle, which provides variety for all of our children. Milk, water, fruits and vegetables are provided with every meal. Of course, substitutes to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions are available at all our centres. Our full menu is available on our website for ease of reference, on our Nutrition page.

Q. What qualifications must teachers meet?

A. Infant and toddler classrooms are led by a minimum of one teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education and two teacher assistants. In preschool classrooms of 24 children, two teachers hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and there is one teacher assistant.

All staff members and volunteers are required to have Level C First-Aid & CPR, criminal reference checks and completed health assessments.

Lullaboo believes that children deserve to be surrounded by knowledgeable and qualified educators. Adults, like children, deserve to have the opportunities to further their knowledge and expand on their career aspirations. Lullaboo promotes and supports each staff’s professional development.

Q. Is there a registration fee? How do I make payments for my child?

A. There is a $250 registration fee for every child that is NON-REFUNDABLE to be paid upon registration (Additional credit card fees may apply). The registration fee is a one-time fee to reserve your child’s spot within a classroom. One key fob card is included with the first child’s registration fee. Additional key fobs can be purchased for $50.00.

Regular bi-weekly payments are withdrawn from your bank account via a pre-authorized debit agreement. Lullaboo will provide parents with more details and payment schedules upon registration.

Q. What is Lullaboo’s withdrawal policy?

A. Lullaboo requires a written 30-day notice if you are choosing to withdraw your child from our program.