Toronto - College Campus

Lullaboo is proud to offer a full range of daycare and preschool services at our College campus. Located at 860 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A2, we’re conveniently located in the heart of Toronto, making us a convenient location for you and your child.

College Campus Offerings

6 weeks to preschool
7:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Fresh Daily Meals Cooked On Site
Drop off & Pickup Parking
CWELCC Program
Qualified Educators

From nurturing infants as young as six weeks old to preparing toddlers and preschoolers for school, our program provides tailored care and education for each developmental stage.

Our centres are open Monday to Friday, providing care from early morning to late evening to accommodate your schedule.

Prepared by our on-site chef, our meals are cooked fresh daily to provide your child with healthy and delicious food.

Convenient parking dedicated to drop-offs and pickups, ensuring smooth transitions for you and your child.

The CWELCC (Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care) program is designed to provide families with affordable and high-quality childcare options across Canada, ensuring accessibility and excellence in early childhood education.

Our program is led by dedicated and qualified educators who are committed to providing the highest standards of care and education for your child.

Nurturing Growth from Infancy to Preschool

Infant Daycare at College

The infant program at Lullaboo caters to infants aged six weeks to 18 months. Collaborating with parents, we maintain consistent daily schedules for activities like naps, playtimes, and feedings to minimize adjustment issues. Our nurturing atmosphere fosters trust and autonomy, encouraging curiosity and motivation for learning. With one teacher for every three children, you can rest assured your infant is receiving full, personalized care.

Toddler Daycare at College

The toddler program at Lullaboo offers structured indoor and outdoor activities to support your child’s development. We focus on self-help skills, language development, social awareness, and problem-solving. Our stimulating classrooms and attentive teachers help your child reach developmental milestones. We encourage a variety of play to enhance problem-solving, imagination, motor skills, and more. With one teacher for every five children, your child receives plenty of hands-on attention.

Preschool Daycare at College

The preschool program at Lullaboo offers a variety of activities to prepare your child for school. Through large and small group interactions, our curriculum fosters skills for success, keeping learning engaging and educational. Activities such as dramatic play, arts and crafts, and outdoor play enhance skills and build trust. With one teacher for every eight children, our program promotes responsibility, productivity, and problem-solving in a secure environment.

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Lullaboo College Location

Hours: 7:00 am to 6:30 pm

Phone: 905-780-3078

Email: [email protected]

Address: 860 College St., Toronto, ON M6H 1A2

Lullaboo Toronto - College Campus