3 Signs of a Quality Childcare Centre Every Parent Needs to Know

Every parent wants to choose the best education for their child. What are some of the key factors of a quality early learning centre that every parent should know? And how can you find out whether your childcare is right for you and your family?

A Clean and Happy Environment

One of the quickest ways to tell if an early childhood facility is a quality facility is by using your senses. When you walk in, does it have generally clean, well-lit, and pleasant environment? Does the early learning childhood centre have walls decorated with brightly colored educational materials and children’s artwork? Does the staff seem stressed or calm? Trust your instincts. If it seems that a daycare is poorly maintained, the children seem stressed and unhappy, or the environment is sterile and dull, then there may be other problems underfoot.

Trained Staff

Every daycare and childcare should have staff members that at the least meet the minimum training requirements. While this varies from one region to the next, ideally your child’s caregiver should have a college degree in a related field, have basic First Aid training, and should have years of experience with young children. Speak with the centre’s supervisor about the qualifications of your child’s teacher.

Parental Involvement

A childcare centre should actively involve parents and family in their child’s development at the centre. This can be something as simple as sending a child’s artwork home for the parents to enjoy, or setting up meetings with parents to discuss a child’s progress. Fun family events that allow children, parents, and caregivers to spend quality time together also builds trust. It allows parents and childcare workers to form a positive bond that benefits the children.

If you notice that your child’s daycare centre is lacking in one of these areas, take that time to speak with the centre supervisor. You can discuss your concerns with them, and perhaps help improve your child’s early learning experience.