5 Pro Tips for Flying With Your Infant, Baby or Toddler

5 Pro Tips for Flying With Your Infant, Baby or ToddlerTraveling with your infant is one of the most stressful parts of parenting.  Especially if you’re planning on flying somewhere, it’s a difficult balance between trying to keep your baby calm, and getting them excited about the trip.  No one wants to be those parents – the one whose baby drives everyone else nuts!

With a little preparation, though, you can make a trip with your infant fun, exciting and relatively hassle-free for everyone involved.  Here are some helpful tips for making that first flight.

Take All the Help You Can Get

While it’s possible to fly solo with your baby, it’s a much better idea to come with someone else to give you a helping hand.  Having someone else to hold your infant while you head to the restroom or to buy something to drink can make your experience much more relaxing.

Pack Light

Lugging around a heavy suitcase is the last thing you want when you’re also trying to deal with an infant on the plane!  If possible, see what baby gear your host may have on hand – they might have an extra stroller or something that you can use, helping reduce your burden.  You can also ship some items, such as diapers or baby food, to your final destination, either from your home or from Amazon or another online store.


A hungry baby is an upset baby.  Make sure that you have food available for your baby to help prevent them from getting too cranky – if they’re breast feeding, make yourself available more often.  If they’ve moved to solid foods, bring some of their favorites.  That will help ensure they’re full and happy as much as possible.

Arrive Early

Remember that travelling through security will take longer with an infant in tow, and you might have to find alternate routes through the airport, avoiding stairs and finding elevators.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time at the airport to avoid having to rush through unforeseen complications.

Fly On Your Baby’s Schedule

If your baby is naturally sleepy at the same time every day, try to book your flight for then!  If they sleep through the flight, that’s an ideal outcome for everyone involved.  Picking flights that match up with nap time can lead to a much easier trip.