Child Care School: The Key Role It Plays in Your Child’s Development

A child’s mind is a blank slate. More than that it’s a blank slate that’s actively seeking input. If not properly guided that seeking nature will go wherever it goes and odds are good it will find bad habits, negativity and unintended lessons that could impact it for life. Kids don’t need to be told what to think but they do need, even crave, guidance and help when it comes to formulating a vision of the world.

Reasons Child Care Centres Are Important

Studies have shown that children who attend child care centres have a significantly better chance of succeeding in life and avoiding serious trouble than those who don’t. But why is that? Here we’ll look at some of the things children learn in day care that help set them on the road to health and happiness.

  • Kindergarten Prep – As more emphasis is being put on academics in kindergarten any head start a child receives can be crucial. In a child care centre, children get used to the school environment, accustomed to the subtle structure (more on that in a minute) and start to develop interests.
  • The Value of Structure – Even the freest society is structured and so children need to learn to operate within a structure; to recognize and take advantage of its benefits. In an effective pre-school the structure is subtle with the teacher as moderator/guardian and the classroom organized in a way that neutralizes potential conflicts while allowing productive movement and discouraging chaos.
  • Social Skills and Accommodation – Child care centres are about far more than day care or ABCs, it’s about teaching children they are part of a larger world populated by others who may or may not share their likes, dislikes, ideas or opinions. Society depends on people accommodating each other and pre-school is where children begin to learn this.
  • The Importance of Choices – Children learn how to weigh options and make choices that are in their best interest while also being mindful of the interests of others: a crucial social skill that will affect both their personal and career lives.
  • Organization – Children learn basic organizational skills and personal responsibility. They also learn that they can be of help to others and that helping others often has unique and long term benefits for everyone involved.
  • Language Skills – Children exposed to a language rich environment are more likely to develop early language skills and a more fully formed vocabulary than children who sit home watching TV all day.
  • Math Skills – Most children have an instinctive awareness of and ability to grasp basic mathematical concepts. The sooner you foster this ability the better, especially in today’s high tech world.

Children build either healthy or unhealthy habits in their early years. Which way they go often depends on the environment in which they spend their time. Child care centres are safe, stable environments where kids can be kids while at the same time learning valuable social and academic basics that will serve them well as they set off down their life’s path.

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