Get Artsy This Fall with Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

fall-toddler-craftsThe nights are getting colder, the leaves are falling from trees, and the smell of delicious pumpkin pie and apple cider waft through our homes. It’s autumn! Enjoy these delightful quick and easy fall toddler crafts. Make enjoyable memories with your children to decorate your home or use as adorable holiday gifts this season.

A Fun Fall Leaf Wreath

Adorn your front door with an easy-to-make leaf wreath. This fun fall toddler craft only needs a few items: a large piece of white cardstock paper, fabric leaves, a ribbon, scissors (for parents), and glue.

  1. Cut a large “O” shape out of the white paper, making sure that the width is at least a couple of inches.
  2. Glue the fabric leaves onto the “O” shape.
  3. Let the glue dry.
  4. Use the ribbon to hang the wreath on your windows or doors.

Autumn Leaf Banner

Make a beautiful banner for the fireplace or to hang on your wall. All you will need are some fall leaves, non-toxic paint (red, yellow, orange, and brown), paper plates, small squares of paper, a hole puncher, and string.

  1. Pour paint onto the paper plates. Each plate should only have one color
  2. Press the leaf onto the paint.
  3. “Print” the leaf onto a square of paper, leaving behind a leaf print.
  4. Repeat with other leaves.
  5. After the paint dries, punch holes in the upper corners of each square of paper, two holes per paper.
  6. Lace the string through the paper to make a banner.

Fall Tissue Tree

Help your toddler create their own autumn tree with tissue paper. Cut a paper cut-out of a tree using construction paper. Ball up pieces of bright red, orange, and yellow tissue into tiny little balls. Glue the scrunched up pieces of paper onto the tree cut-out to make a cute fall tree to hang on your fridge. Enjoy creative fun with your children this fall season.