4 Fun Spring Outdoor Activities for Preschool

Spring is finally here! Your preschool-age children can enjoy the beautiful blooming of the colorful flowers, warm temperatures, and the joy of the outdoors. Here are some of our favorite spring outdoor activities for preschoolers and toddlers. Enjoy!

Outside Art

Be creative with your young one with sidewalk chalk and washable finger paints. Make a beautiful springtime mural on the fence with your preschool age child. Or pull out some large poster board and let them finger-paint a masterpiece. Dress your child in older clothes and have the garden hose handy. Do finger-paint over the grass, and be sure to use washable paints. After they are done, hose them down or let them run in the sprinklers.

Picnic Lunches

Grab an old blanket or beach towel and enjoy an outside picnic with your children. Pack sandwiches, easy finger foods like pretzels, fresh fruit, and lemonade. Find a nice clean spot under a tree, preferably by a playground. Enjoy hours of making fond memories for years to come.

Bubbles and more Bubbles!

Bubbles are a childhood favorite. Use a large bubble wand to make gigantic bubbles. Find a bubble machine at the store for an entire backyard full of hundreds of bubbles. It’s a bubble party! Add food coloring to bubble liquid to make colorful bubbles.

A Family Garden

Encourage your child to join you in the joys of gardening. Give them an easy plant to grow, like sunflowers. Watch their wonderment as their little plant grows stronger and stronger each day. Show them how to water plants, care for them, and plant seeds. Go to the library and check out books about gardening. Use your backyard as an exciting gardening educational adventure.

Make hundreds of fun memories this spring with your preschooler. They will enjoy the fun and time they spend with you in the wonderful spring.