Spring Allergies: Top 3 Ways to Help Your Child

Spring brings flowers, sunshine, and allergy season. Your children can be miserable with stuffy noses, coughing, and rashes. Check out these important childcare resources to help your child cope with allergies.

What is Your Child Allergic To?

The very first step in protecting your child during allergy season is determining what your child is allergic to in the first place. You may have to go through a series of allergy tests with your medical professional and pore over countless childcare resources online. If your child has a minor allergy, over-the-counter medicine may provide some relief. However, you should always contact your doctor before administering any medication or if your child has more severe reactions like rashes that do not go away hives, or a high fever.

Avoiding the Allergen

Asking your child to stay inside after months of winter blues may seem cruel. However, some days you might find that this will protect your child. Pollen, a chief allergen, can be worse mid-morning and early evening. Also, look out for warnings in your local news about peak times for pollen or even warnings about pollution and air quality. If your child has a skin allergy, avoid areas that have the allergen or dress them in long sleeves and pants. Keep the fabric cool and breathable to prevent overheating and rashes.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Your child may have itchy skin or might have itchy eyes. Prevent your child from making the situation worse. Encourage your child to avoid rubbing their eyes or scratching any rashes or hives. Ask your doctor about helpful eye drops to minimize discomfort.

This spring your child does not have to suffer from their allergies. Follow these tips and your child will enjoy the fun and joy of the outdoors.