3 Best Valentines Day Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers and toddlers love making crafts and having fun on Valentine’s day. Make this special holiday extra enjoyable with these easy activities. From heart crafts for toddlers to making adorable Valentine-themed cookie surprise, make this holiday memorable for your child.

Beautiful Art

Make an easy keepsake with your young one. For these cheerful heart crafts for toddlers you just need red construction paper, scissors, heart stickers, a white doily, a marker, and glue. Trace each of your child’s hands onto the red construction paper. Cut out the handprints and overlap them in the shape of the heart (palm over palm). Glue them together and then onto the doily. Let your child stick cute stickers all over the adorable Valentine after the glue has dried.

Valentine Cookie Surprise

For this easy baking project, buy pre-cut sugar cookies. You can buy these at the supermarket. They can come in colorful circles or heart-shapes. Follow the directions on the package. Before baking layer a cookie, then let your child place a few chocolate chips or a square of baking chocolate. Top with another uncooked cookie. Press down on edges to seal in the chocolate.

Bake as directed on the package for a sweet cookie treat. Have fun icing the cookie with your child. Don’t forget to add adorable heart-shaped sprinkles. Or buy cute pink and red edible pearls. Design each cookie with love together. Share this cute treat with friends and family.

Valentine’s Day Sensory Activity

Young children love to learn through touch. Dye white rice with red food colouring and let dry. Fill a plastic bin with the dried pink rice. Then add fun items like plastic hearts, spoons, scoops, heart-shaped containers, printable pink numbers, and cups. Watch as your child explores. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your child with this fun and easy Valentine’s Day activities.