Popular Childcare Options Pros and Cons

Parents the best childcare for their children. Choosing the right infant daycare, preschool, or toddler program can be challenging. Families face many options, from childcare centres to in-home caretakers. Weighing the pros and cons will ensure you choose the best option for your child.

Childcare Centres

One of the most popular and affordable options today is the educational childcare centre. These facilities provide infant daycare, toddler enrichment, preschool, and even kindergarten. Vastly more affordable than nanny options, this type of childcare provides an enriching environment with trained teachers that truly care about your child. Children socialize with other children from a variety of backgrounds and learn valuable life skills.

Choosing the right centre can be difficult. Be sure to speak with the head of the centre. Ask about educational activities, if meals are provided, schedules, and teacher certification. Observe the facility a couple of times to see the staff in action. Watch for red flags like unhappy children, poor teacher and child interactions, or a lack of cleanliness. If you have any concerns, speak with the staff.


An academic preschool can be a good option for older children. Some daycare centres provide preschool options. In these programs, education and academics are stressed along with social skills. Some preschools are academically rigorous. These may have a higher cost, with the intention of preparing students for more elite school-age programs. There are a variety of educational styles available from Montessori to a more structured approach.

Relative or Nannies

Some families choose to keep their children at home with a relative or nanny. Nanny services are cost prohibitive for most families. Besides paying for their services, you may need to provide benefits and other services. When the nanny is unavailable, your child will need alternative daycare options. Many young children stay at home with relatives. However, even these children benefit from attending preschool or daycare once or twice a week. Choose the best childcare option for your child and family.