Join Our 5th Annual Lullaboo SickKids Foundation BBQ


Lullaboo is excited to announce our 5th Annual SickKids FoundationCampaign! For the past four years, Lullaboo has supported SickKids with an annual BBQ. Together with our community, we have raised over $85,000 to help the SickKids Foundation. We are asking that our amazing partners, vendors, friends, and co-workers once again help us meet our 2018 goal of $25,000.

Each year Lullaboo pledges 100% of registration fees during the month of May to the SickKids Foundation. Our children are excited about being a part of this worthy cause and wear blue each Friday. They encourage their families to help support the children at SickKids. Our wonderful staff members volunteer to plan the BBQ, raffles, programs, and more. Everyone pitches in. Everyone plays a part in this important annual event.

Please watch this SickKids video which helps explain what SickKids does, and how it fights the greatest challenge in child’s health. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or our campaign manager Ms. Alyssa ([email protected]).

This year, our online donation page makes it even more convenient to join our effort: Click HERE for our Online Form. Please join us by providing a one-time donation, and contact us if you would like to help with the BBQ and events.

Thank you for supporting SickKids and improving the lives of these precious children.

We’ve attached a letter of endorsement from SickKids Foundations.  Cheques can be mailed to or dropped off at any of our locations.